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To Protect Copyright and other Protected Information:

The SCA requires the following release forms on file with the Webminister:
1. The Model Release Form is required for ALL identifiable photo subjects (whose faces are not obscured) Except [the images are taken at a public place and in a public forum, including any SCA contest or competition, merchants’ row, court, class, etc.
where there is no expectation of privacy.
2. The Photograph Grant of Use Form is required from any photographer who wants to allow publication of any photo they submit.
3. The Creative Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form is required to permit publishing any creative work, such as articles, poems, artwork, etc.
(1 and 2 may, if the contributor chooses, be completed only once for all current and future submissions. Additionally (again, if the contributor chooses) they can allow their submission to be printed in any media including print, web or electronic, so these forms give much more leeway for sharing text and images not only between web ministers and chroniclers, but also between branches.)

If the form can be filled out electronically [depends on your browser or the program used to open a pdf: Edge, Chrome do work, Firefox does not], complete it online, save it, and email the completed form to
(For forms which cannot be filled out electronically, print it, complete it manually, scan or photograph it, and email it to )

The Shire of Arenal can not publish personal information on its website. Mundane names can not be linked to period/Society names on the website.

Outside the Shire:

The Society for Creative Anachronism
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The Kingdom of Meridies
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Newcomers' Welcome: Newcomers start here! 
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  Their Royal Highnesses, the Heirs Apparent, our future King & Queen   
  Penfeathers, info for Kids in the SCA
  Order of Precedence, awards to members of the Kingdom of Meridies
  Guilds of Meridies (follow your hobby, or find a new one)
  Gulf Wars (a war with no enemies, held among Meridies and its offspring Kingdoms)

  Our Neighbors:
The Barony of the Osprey (Mobile, AL)
The Shire of Phoenix Glade (Niceville/Crestview, FL

The Shire of Terminus Terrae  (Panama City, FL)

The Kingdom of Trimaris (the less important parts--the east and bottom--of Florida)

The Map of the Knowne World
("known" to the SCA!)